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DO you know China largest factory Manufacturer supply Superoxide Dismutase(SOD) CAS 9054-89-1 ?

December 12, 2022


SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) SOD is the general name of a series of enzymes, which is an active substance derived from living organisms and can eliminate harmful substances produced by organisms in the process of metabolism. It can effectively contain free radicals, capture free radicals, decompose free radicals, and is the only scavenging enzyme with free radicals as the substrate. SOD is a kind of biological enzyme. Its chemical essence is protein, and it is an important component of biological cells. It has high biological activity and catalytic effect both in vivo and in vitro. Main functions: It can quickly eliminate the excess free radicals - anti-aging, anti wrinkle and certain reduction of pigmentation. SOD cosmetics can obviously prevent and reduce skin pigmentation. The mechanism of action is that when SOD cosmetics are applied subcutaneously, the activity of SOD increases, and the excess free radicals are quickly eliminated to inhibit or block the production of lipofuscin. The occurrence and development of pigmentation are also controlled. SOD cosmetics also have an effect on acne, especially early acne. It is also due to the scavenging effect of SOD on free radicals and its strong anti-inflammatory effect. SOD cosmetics also have a certain sun protection effect, which can absorb ultraviolet rays with a certain wavelength range, and can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to skin tissues.

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